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Water Wand Sprayer

Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Water Wand Sprayer


Gentle Watering, Perfect for watering foliage plants and flower beds, Ideal for watering plants in containers, Hanging baskets or small pots, Watering vegetables in garden beds, Lawn and Garden Bed Irrigation,Useful for raised planters


  • The Water Spraying Wand is an efficient and versatile garden tool.
  • Designed to make watering your plants a breeze.
  • The brass net design provides a softer water flow
  • Making it suitable for delicate plants and those that prefer a more controlled watering method.
  • Designed for user-friendly operation, making it suitable for both gardening enthusiasts and beginners.


  • Brass Construction is offered by it
  • Controlled irrigation is the key to accuracy.
  • It has a sturdy brass net
  • Efficient water distribution
  • Providing longevity and reliability for regular use.


# Material Wand Length Adjustable Spray Patterns Number of Watering Wands
1 Brass 15 Inches No 1
2 Plastic 15 Inches No 1
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