Sugar Cane Knife

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Sugar Cane Knife

Alagundagi Groups Sugarcane Knife Garden Tool


Thick-stemmed plants,Harvesting sugar cane, large-scale agricultural fields ,Maintaining outdoor areas, Bushcraft and Survival.


  • Sugar cane knives are designed for efficient and quick harvesting of sugar cane stalks, making the process more streamlined
  • The Sugar Cane Knife is a garden tool specifically designed for cutting and harvesting sugar cane.
  • Equipped with a sharp blade.
  • This knife is primarily for sugar cane but works on other thick-stemmed plants too.
  • Ideal for use in large-scale sugar cane plantations where efficient and precise harvesting is essential.


  • It offers an Effective Harvesting
  • It has a sharp blade.
  • It provides Sturdy Construction.
  • It provides an Easy to Handle
  • Sugar Cane Knife portable and easy to carry while working in the field.


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Carbon Steel Plastic Black & Yellow
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