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Shovel Garden Tool

Alagundagi Groups Shovel Garden Tool


Year-round use in various climates, Soil manipulation for creative outdoor projects, Weeding, and soil preparation,digging planting holes and transferring soil.


  • A Square shovel is a gardening tool with a flat square shaped blade and a long handl .
  • Shovel garden tool is used for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials like ore, coal, gravel, snow, and sand.
  • The Shovel Garden Tool is a robust and versatile implement crafted for a lot of gardening tasks.
  • Ensuring longevity and resilience under demanding gardening conditions.
  • The shovel provides a comfortable grip, minimizing strain on the hands and wrists during extended use.


  • It is a weather-resistant finish.
  • The Shovel Garden Tool is user-friendly.
  • Shovel reduces the time and effort required for various gardening activities.
  • You can tackle a wide range of gardening tasks with a single tool.


# Material Usage Color Handle Material Length of the Blade
1 Sheet Steel used for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials Black Metal 6.7 Inches
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