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Seedling Bowl

Alagundagi Groups Garden tool seedling Bowl


Cultivating healthy seedlings, space-efficient solution for growing plants in urban environments, Greenhouses and Indoor Gardens


  • For both inexperienced and seasoned gardeners, the Seedling Bowl is a multipurpose tool.
  • This innovative bowl provides a conducive environment for nurturing seedlings.
  • Encouraging robust development from seed to transplant.
  • Ensuring a balanced airflow for the seedlings, fostering healthy development.
  • his tool enables users to regulate the level of hydration
  • Establishes the ideal conditions for seedlings, encouraging quick and strong growth.


  • Easy monitoring of seedling growth
  • Facilitating timely adjustments and interventions.
  • preventing overwatering or drying out of delicate seedlings.
  • Encouraging robust development and Efficient transplanting
  • Minimized transplant shock.
  • Provide smooth transition to garden beds or larger containers.


# Material Usage Special Feature Color
1 Alloy Steel Plastic Greenhouse seedling management Compact, Light Weight Black
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