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Panje Heavy

Alagundagi Groups Panje Heavy Garden tool


Heavy-duty landscaping tasks, Large Garden Areas, Agricultural Fields.Farm Cultivation


  • The Panje Heavy garden tool is designed for robust and demanding gardening tasks.
  • The Panje Heavy tool is built to withstand tough conditions and regular use.
  • With a sturdy build and specific features.
  • It is crafted to tackle heavy-duty applications in the garden or outdoor spaces
  • Effective for soil preparation in landscaping projects, such as creating new flower beds or modifying existing ones.
  • Panje Heavy tool for tough outdoor projects in landscaping & construction..


  • Efficient Soil Cultivation
  • Suitable for a variety of soil types and gardening tasks
  • Deep Soil Penetration
  • Powerful Performance
  • Effective Weed Control
  • Robust tools for demanding outdoor projects.


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Alloy Steel Plastic Black & Yellow
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