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Moss Stick

Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Moss Stick


Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of indoor spaces, Supporting plants , To growth in confined outdoor areas.


  • A Moss Stick is a vertical support structure for climbing plants.
  • Provides a growing medium for aerial roots to hold and increase the moisture around the plant.
  • Typically made of materials like PVC or coconut coir.
  • Encouraging vertical development and improving the visual appeal of both outdoor and internal areas.
  • Retains and boosts the moisture surrounding the plant.


  • It Enhances air circulation around the foliage.
  • Reduce the risk of diseases caused by stagnant air.
  • Moss Sticks allow individuals to cultivate climbing plants in limited spaces
  • Provide consistent cutting results,
  • Facilitating users to maneuver around obstructions and mow grass in constrained areas.


# Material Color Product Type Size
1 Coir Brown Brown 2 Feet
2 Coir Brown Brown 3 Feet
3 Coir Brown Brown 4 Feet
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