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Mango Plucker

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maintaining lawns,Trimming Around Trees and Shrubs, Clearing Weeds and Undergrowth,Use in Public Parks and Recreational Areas, Maintaining grassy areas on school grounds.


  • The Mango Plucker is a specialized tool designed for efficiently harvesting mangoes from tall trees.
  • It consists of an extendable pole with a harvesting mechanism at the end.
  • Allowing users to reach and gently pluck ripe mangoes without the need for ladders.
  • To enhance user convenience, the tool is typically lightweight.
  • The efficient design of the Mango Plucker saves time compared to manual harvesting
  • The Mango Plucker streamlines tall tree mango harvesting, eliminating the need for ladders.


  • It is used to reap Mangoes Easily
  • Set of blades attached to the basket helps in cutting stems at the top of the fruit
  • Built for durability, Mango Pluckers withstand regular outdoor use
  • The gentle harvesting mechanism minimizes the risk of bruising or damaging the mangoes
  • It ensures that the fruit remains intact and market-ready
  • The tool enhances safety during the harvesting operation, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries


# Material Color Size Min Order Quantity Special Feature
1 Nylon net with Low carbon steel frame Black 40 X 24 X 5 Centimeters 01 Light Weight
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