Koyta Billhook Half Round

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Koyta Billhook Half Round

Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Koyta Billhook Half Round


Home Gardening, Effective in maintaining flower beds, Weed Removal in Tight Spaces, Maintaining Raised Beds.


  • The Garden Tool Koyta Bell Hook Half Round is a versatile and practical hand tool.
  • Designed for various gardening tasks and outdoor tasks.
  • Its unique half-round bell hook design offers specific benefits for cutting, shaping, and cultivating in gardens.
  • It is rust proof and an easy to use product.
  • It is well-suited for cutting and clearing vegetation.


  • A half-round bell hook tool can be versatile
  • The curved shape of the bell hook allows for effective cutting or digging option
  • The half-round shape might be suitable for creating neat edges
  • It prevents the sharpened inner edge from hitting the ground
  • Pruning and Trimming


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Carbon Steel Wood Black
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