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Khrupa Three Prong

Alagundagi Groups garden tool khrupa Three Prong


Soil Cultivation, Mixing Soil Amendments ,Weeding, Planting


  • The Khrupa Three Prong is a gardening tool featuring three prongs or tines.
  • Commonly used for soil cultivation, planting, and other related tasks.
  • Three strong prongs set in a triangle hold the handle in place.
  • The three-prong design allows for efficient cultivation.
  • Provides efficient soil cultivation and weed removal with precision.
  • A cultivator is designed to draw straight lines in your soil to better prepare for planting.


  • Efficient Soil Turning
  • Versatile tool suitable for various gardening tasks, making it a multipurpose implement in the garden
  • Preparing planting holes
  • Its Design Is Compact
  • Affordable tool that offers efficiency and effectiveness in gardening applications


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Carbon steel Plastic Black & Yellow
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