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Hedge Shear

Alagundagi Groups Hedge Shear Garden Tool


Hedge Trimming, Shrub Pruning, Useful for topiary projects where intricate and artistic shapes are crafted from shrubs, General Garden Maintenance.


  • A Hedge Shear is a specialized gardening tool designed for trimming and shaping hedges.
  • A manual tool for cutting is a hedge shear.
  • It typically consists of two long blades, operated by handles, and is designed to create clean and precise cuts on.
  • It typically consists of two long, straight blades with serrated edges
  • The design of the shear promotes efficiency and control in achieving a neat and well-maintained appearance for various types of greenery.


  • Designed for precise and clean cuts
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Ease of Use
  • Efficient for large-scale hedge trimming
  • Enables users to achieve aesthetically pleasing results


# Material Blade Material Blade Color
1 Carbon steel Allow Steel Falcon Black & Orange
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