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Hand Hoe 8

Alagundagi Groups Hand Hoe Garden Tool


Weeding, Soil Cultivation, Useful for making furrows or small trenches for planting, seeds or seedlings Well-suited for working in raised beds where space is limited.


  • The Hand Hoe 8 is an efficient and user-friendly gardening tool.
  • Hand Hoe 8 typically refers to a handheld gardening tool with an 8-inch blade.
  • This Tool is Designed for various soil cultivation and weeding tasks.
  • The tool consists of a blade attached to a handle, offering a compact and versatile solution for gardeners.
  • The Hand Hoe 8 is perfect for maintaining small to medium-sized gardens.
  • Can use a push-pull hoe to effortlessly remove weeds from the garden bed.


  • It is a Compact and Lightweight tool hence Ease for Use.
  • Suitable for various gardening tasks, weeding and soil cultivation.
  • It is Crafted from durable materials.
  • Some models feature an Efficient & comfortable grip during use
  • Made with durable materials, ensuring longevity.


# Material Handle Material Types Size of Blade
1 Steel Steel 8 Teeth 8-inch blade
2 Steel Steel 6 Teeth 6-inch blade
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