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Alagundagi Groups  Gumboot Long Garden Tool


Agriculture,Gardening, Construction,Fishing and Aquaculture, Farming, Gardening, and Other outdoor occupations where protection and water resistance are essential.


  • The Long Gumboot is a durable and protective footwear
  • Designed for a variety of outdoor activities and work environments
  • Its extended shaft provides coverage up to the calf.
  • This boot is crafted to keep the wearer's feet dry and protected in challenging conditions.
  • It enhances protection against water, mud, and debris.
  • Long Gumboot is its effective water resistance, keeping the feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions.


  • The primary benefit of the Long Gumboot is its effective water resistance.
  • The sole of the Long Gumboot typically has a textured pattern
  • It Ensures that the wearer's feet remain dry even in wet and muddy environments
  • The smooth surface of the boots makes them easy to clean after use.
  • Ideal for wet environments and deep puddles


# Material Water Resistance Heel Type Sole material
1 Rubber Yes Flat Rubber
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