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Alagundagi Groups Goni Stand Garden Tool


Manufacturing facilities, In packaging of bulk materials, Dealing with bulk goods, Seed and Grain Processing, Warehouses


  • The Bag Filler Stand, commonly referred to as "Goni," is an innovative and efficient tool
  • Created to ensure smooth bag filling across a range of sectors.
  • This stand's precision structure speeds the bag-filling procedure and provides a sturdy
  • User-friendly platform for workers to efficiently pack materials.
  • An essential tool for industrial plants, warehouses, and other locations requiring the processing of large quantities of materials.
  • Fold the top of the bag over about an inch to hold the bag on there.


  • You can easily fill the bag without any hassle
  • This sturdiness is crucial for maintaining a secure and reliable platform for workers.
  • It reduces strain on workers and promotes a more comfortable and efficient workflow.
  • It helps in packing a wide range of materials including grains, seeds, powders, and other bulk goods.
  • The holder keeps the bag open and upright, so you can easily transfer any food into it.
  • Bulk bag filling stands and systems are easily operated by one person


# Material Usage Available Thickness Special Feature Handle Material Rust Resistance
1 Plastic Agriculture,Grain Processing, and in Warehouses 0-10 mm Light Weight Metal Yes
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