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Garden Tool Sickle

Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Sickle


Ideal for removing weeds in gardens and other cultivated areas, Harvesting in areas where a more delicate touch is required, Effective for pruning smaller branches and stems, Trimming and cutting grass, Handy for shaping and maintaining the edges of lawns


  • A Garden Tool Sickle is a handheld cutting implement with a curved, hooked blade.
  • The blade typically has a sharp inner edge and a more pronounced curve on the outer edge.
  • Designed for precision cutting and is commonly used in gardening, landscaping, and agricultural activities.
  • Providing a comfortable grip.
  • Garden Tool Sickle is built for regular use and exposure to outdoor elements.


  • The sickle's curved and sharp blade allows for precise cutting.
  • Ease of Use
  • Generally, a cost-effective tool that provides value for various gardening tasks.
  • Durable Construction
  • Versatile tool for weeding to harvesting and pruning.


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Carbon steel Plastic Black and Yellow
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