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Cycle kolape

Alagundagi Groups Cycle Kolape Garden tool


Weed Control in Gardens, Can be used in different soil types, from sandy to clayey soils, Can maintain pathways and walkways by controlling weeds in between pavers or stones.


  • It provides adaptability and ease in weed control.
  • This tool allows users to tailor its configuration to different soil conditions.
  • Giving lawns a neat and well-defined appearance.
  • By cultivating space between soybean, green gram, maize, gram, cotton, and many other crops, Kolape helps you save time and money.
  • Comfortable operation is enhanced by the strong Holding Grip of the Wheel Hoe.
  • The wheel hoe comes with three replaceable attachments and an ergonomic handle that make it simple to operate.


  • Allows users to navigate around delicate plants while effectively dealing with weeds
  • Cycle Kolape can be utilized for precise lawn edging
  • Adjustable Wheel and Blade Angle
  • Suitable for Various Gardening Environments
  • Adjustable wheel and blade angle
  • The adjustable features enhance accessibility


# Material Handle Material Usage Color
1 Powder Coated metal Used in different soil types, from sandy to clayey soils Red & Green
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