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Biofloc/Active Suspension/Heterotrophic Ponds

Alagundagi Groups Heterotrophic Ponds

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Aquaculture (Aquaculture) Purpose


Fish farming


Biofloc is the suspended growth in ponds/tanks which is the aggregates of living and dead particulate organic matter, phytoplankton, bacteria and grazers of the bacteria. It is the utilization of microbial processes within the pond/tank itself to provide food resources for cultured organisms while at the same time acts as a water treatment remedy. This system is also called active suspension ponds or heterotrophic ponds or even green soup ponds.

  • Its a “Blue revolution” because nutrients can be continuously recycled and also reused in the culture medium
  • Minimum/zero-water exchange
  • Its a environment friendly aquaculture technique production based on in-situ microorganism


  • Eco-friendly culture system.
  • It reduces environmental impact.
  • Judicial use of land and water.
  • Limited or “0”water exchange system.
  • Higher productivity (It enhances survival rate, growth performance, better feed conversion in the culture systems of fish).
  • Higher biosecurity.
  • Reduces water pollution and mitigate the risk of introduction and spread of pathogens
  • It reduces utilization of protein rich feed and cost of standard feed.
  • It reduces the pressure on capture fisheries i.e., use of cheaper food fish and trash fish for fish feed formulation.


# Material Available Of Thickness Recyclable? Certified Color
1 HDPE: 500 Micron, HDPE 1000 Micron, PVC 750 Micron 300 and 500 microns. YES YES, Certified ISO 9001:2015 Black & Blue

Sizes: Available in variety of sizes to meet your diverse needs.


1.We also take orders for customized sizes as desired by end users.

# Dimensions Approximate capacity (In litres)
1 1m x 1m x 1.83m 5,000
2 2m x 2m x 1.83m 10,000
3 4m x 4m x 1.83m 20,000
4 5m x 5m x 1.83m 30,000
5 6m x 6m x 1.83m 40,000
6 7m x 7m x 1.83m 60,000
7 8m x 8m x 1.83m 80,000
8 9m x 9m x 1.83m 1,00,000
9 11 m x 11m x 1.83m 10,5000
10 13m x 13m x 1.83m 20,0000
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