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  • The Banana Sickle features a curved, razor-sharp blade attached to a handle
  • The sickle typically has a curved and serrated blade, allowing for precision cutting of banana bunch stems without damaging the fruit.
  • Curved blade eases banana stem harvesting with less effort.
  • This tool is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • It is an essential tool for farmers and plantation workers engaged in the careful harvest of banana crops.
  • The Banana Sickle is a helpful tool for anyone dealing with banana harvesting


  • Designed for swift and efficient harvesting of banana bunches
  • Reduced Damage to Fruit
  • Sickle garden tools are often lightweight and easy to handle
  • The sickle can also be suitable for harvesting other crops with similar stem structures
  • With this tool, easy harvesting is possible
  • 6. This tool is Sturdy and Durable


# Material Handle Material Color
1 Carbon Steel Plastic Black & Yellow
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